Busted! The worst drug smuggling attempts ever

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Police arrested a man at Dulles Airport on Thursday for trying to smuggle cocaine past security in powdered soup packets. According to the LaCrosse Tribune, customs dogs identified the man, who was traveling to El Salvador, as a suspect. This attempt, although creative, is far from the first imaginative drug-smuggling attempt. Check out a few other favorites:

Melony charges

According to Daily Mail, the worst smuggling attempt ever was two women trying to get drugs into a prison inside of a hollowed-out melon.

Apparently the women were under the impression that police would not notice that the top of the cantaloupe was cut off. Further investigations revealed tobacco and a bag full of Oxycodone pills.

Cocaine Jesus

A woman once tried to smuggle a statue made of cocaine from Texas into Mexico. The creators of the 6.6 pound statue, who hoped to sell it for $30,000, sculpted and painted it to look like Jesus Christ.

Cracked out

A Chilean man tried to smuggle cocaine into Barcelona in a most unusual fashion – by breaking his leg purposely to fashion a cast out of cocaine. Spanish officials were less than pleased with the man, according to Metro.

‘Special’ truffles

A man tried to carry 15 pounds of cocaine inside chocolates from Colombia to New York, according to Seattle Weekly. Successful it was not, but his attempt was certainly innovative. And more creative than the cantaloupe approach.