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Joe Scarborough doesn’t think the ‘Al Gore groped me’ allegation is a news story. Does that make him a climax denier?

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Morning Joe is now Fuming Joe! He doesn’t like that people are talking about prominent politicians’ alleged sexual misconduct. According to Alex Pappas:

Scarborough, referencing the unsubstantiated reports that South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley had affairs and now the allegation of sexual misconduct by former Vice President Al Gore, appears to be worked up over the news. He posted at least four tweets of disapproval on the topic Thursday.

“Unfounded allegations about Al Gore and Nikki Haley are NOT news. Should be off limits,” he wrote in one Twitter post.

The headline is all I got on this one. I stole it from today’s DC Morning e-mail (sign up in the top-right corner of this page). Whoever wrote that is brilliant!


Jim Treacher