U.S. to cut $4 billion in Afghan aid after corruption allegations

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A US House of Representatives panel has voted to cut almost $4bn (£2.68bn) in aid to the Afghanistan government after allegations of corruption.

News reports have alleged that large amounts of cash have been flown out of the country, while President Hamid Karzai’s government has blocked corruption investigations of political allies.

The move to withdraw aid came as the US senate voted unanimously to confirm General David Petraeus as commander of the Afghan war, and the UK defence secretary Liam Fox insisted the British army must not leave Afghanistan “before the job is finished”.

A subcommittee of the House of Representatives voted yesterday to block $3.9bn (£2.6bn) in aid that the Obama administration sought for Kabul, although the panel’s chair, Nita Lowey, said the aid could be reconsidered once the Afghanistan government’s efforts to fight corruption have been reconsidered.

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