The five wackiest labels of 2010

Bob Dorigo Jones Senior Fellow, The Center for America
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It’s time to announce the wackiest warning labels of 2010.

After reading all of the hilarious labels that have been submitted to our Wacky Warning Label Contest, we’ve selected our Top Five.  On July 8, a television audience will choose the grand prize winner.

Here are the finalists:

A speaker for use in the car with a mobile phone called the “Drive ‘N’ Talk” warns: “Never operate your speakerphone while driving.”

A motorized go-cart warns: “This product moves when used.”

A swine growth supplement called Piglet Blast warns: “For animal use only.”

A Bluetooth Headset cautions: “Use of a headset that covers both ears will impair your ability to hear other sounds.”

And swim goggles with an elastic strap warn: “DO NOT pull goggles away from face as they may spring back and cause injury.”

I have to say, the warnings get more outrageous every year!  Tune into John Stossel’s program on FOX Business News on July 8 at 9:00PM EDT to see all of these products and to see who wins.

For more information, go to FoundationForFairCivilJustice.org.

To see all of these products in a short video, click here.

Bob Dorigo Jones, who serves as Senior Fellow for the Foundation for Fair Civil Justice, is the author of the bestselling Remove Child Before Folding, The 101 Stupidest, Silliest and Wackiest Warning Labels Ever. He is the host of a new national radio/Internet commentary, “Let’s Be Fair.”