Redneck Games was muddy great

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The 14th annual Redneck Games saw 7,500 people gather to watch an event that’s a celebration of all that is great about the American south.

It included ‘horseshoe’ throwing with toilet seats, the mud pit belly flop and the armpit serenade.

But you do not need to own a pick-up truck or have a Confederate flag in your front yard to compete – as triumphant Briton Mark Souster showed.

He won the bobbin’ for pigs’ feet contest, pulling seven from a tub of water in 20 seconds.

The 24-year-old from Oxford said his strategy was to ‘go for the toes’.

He found out about the games last year and decided to visit them in East Dublin, Georgia. ‘I’ve had this in my sights ever since,’ he said.

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