David Paterson to sign legislation deleting NYPD ‘frisk list’

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Gov. Paterson today is expected to sign a controversial bill that would delete an NYPD database with the names of hundreds of thousands of people who were stopped and frisked but never arrested, sources said.

The measure — reviled by law enforcement and Mayor Bloomberg — has been strongly favored by minority lawmakers in the state Legislature.

This week, all five Democratic candidates for attorney general called on Paterson to sign the bill to nix portions of the “250 database,” so called because of the number on the form filed to the database.

Three sources told The Post last night that the governor was expected to sign the bill this morning at a planned event in Manhattan.

“Albany has robbed us of a great crime-fighting tool, one that saved lives,” Commissioner Ray Kelly fumed.

Full Story: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/mike_cops_fume_as_gov_purges_frisk_sY739RAjVUf0GGRY2qZfsI