Hillary v. Sarah: Fantasy campaign 2012

Myra Adams Contributor
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What do you get when you combine a Wall Street Journal opinion piece by Pete DuPont, formerly posted on the Drudge Report with the title Hillary Clinton for President, with the most popular column currently on the Daily Beast by Mark McKinnon proclaiming, Sarah Palin is Running for President but She’s Not Ready?

The answer is Fantasy Campaign 2012, a Fantasy Football for political junkies. Hillary verses Sarah in 2012.  This estrogen-laden smack down reminds me of the most forgotten book of 2005 by Dick Morris entitled Condi Vs Hillary.  Condi Rice, remember her?

Here was a promo for Morris’s book, only substitute “Palin 2012” instead of “Rice 2008” and fantasy political history is about to repeat itself:

Rice is the only figure on the national scene who has the credentials, the credibility, and the charisma to lead the GOP in 2008. And, as this first book on the subject demonstrates, a race between these two commanding, but very different, women is a very real possibility — and would inevitably prove one of the most fascinating and important races in American history.

Hillary verses Sarah. Imagine the possibilities?  The Pantsuit verses the Tight Skirt.

New York verses Alaska. (There could be a slight cultural divide here, even greater than

Red States verses Blue States because people from New York only go to Alaska on cruises, while people from Alaska never travel to New York.)

We could have the makings of a campaign catfight of epic proportions: Godzilla Verses Wasilla.

Or more gently, Queen Hillary, known as the “smartest woman in the world,” battling Sarah,

The Pop Culture Queen, who rules her kingdom from Facebook, Twitter and Us Magazine.

In high school equivalent terms you have the girl with the thick glasses and frizzy hair studying calculus, while the cute girl with the long straight hair is passing funny notes to everyone under the table at study hall. Who would get your vote for Student Council President?

OK, let’s just skip that question shall we?

So rather than Fantasy Campaign 2012 — Hillary verses Sarah, why don’t we develop this story line into a weekly television sitcom. Because when you add in the rich characters of both families, Bill, Todd, Bristol, Levi, and Baby Tripp, that is exactly what you would be watching.

Myra Adams is a media producer, writer and political observer. Her media clients have included national associations, political interest groups and corporations. She was on the creative team with Mark McKinnon that created the now infamous John Kerry “Windsurfing” ad for the Bush 2004 presidential campaign and served on the McCain Ad Council during the 2008 McCain campaign. Myra’s web site TheJesusStore.com contributes all profits to Christian charity.