The DC Morning – July 28, 2010

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How much do Dems love discussing tax increases right before an election? SO, SO MUCH!Faced with ethics investigation, senile congressman tells colleagues to eat his shortsThe children of America have placed a bounty on Arne Duncan’s head
Christian student banned from counseling program for refusing to abandon 2,000-year-old belief systemPitbull owners may be last hope for California DemocratsStates cannot waste money fast enough

1.) Democrats try to muster enthusiasm for life, fight over Bush tax cuts — “Democrats in Washington will argue that the debate coming in September over whether to extend the Bush tax cuts for all Americans – or whether to let them expire for families making more than $250,000 a year – is one they relish,” writes The Daily Caller’s Jon Ward. “But it’s more likely that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid simply couldn’t get to the issue any earlier given an already busy and ambitious legislative schedule, and that the White House and Democratic leaders are now trying to frame the debate as one they are looking forward to.” But really? They are terrified of this debate! No one wants to defend taking money from working families–even the rich ones–just months before an election. “The President believes that, as, again, as you heard the Secretary of Treasury this weekend say quite clearly, that there are tax cuts that, based on our fiscal situation, simply can’t be afforded,” stuttered White House Smugness Secretary Robert Gibbs. Now, is that “can’t be afforded” like health-care can’t be afforded? Or we-are-spending-ourselves-into-a-deep-hole-that-is-actually-a-hungry-sarlacc can’t be afforded? America wants to know!

2.) Rep. Charlie Rangel would rather soil Congress than go down without a fight — “One of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s top lieutenants demanded yesterday that Rep. Charles Rangel quickly settle the swirling ethics charges against him rather than face a trial tomorrow that could embarrass Democratic candidates across the country — but the disgraced pol isn’t going without a fight,” reports the New York Post. “For any plea bargain to be accepted by the bipartisan House Ethics Committee, which is bringing charges against the 80-year-old Rangel, he would have to swallow a bitter pill — admitting to multiple, substantial ethics violations, sources said.” Everyone, from Rep. Chris Van Hollen to Santa Clause, would absolutely love it if Rangel owned up to being a thieving peckerwood, but Rangel isn’t that kind of politician. The New York congressman belongs to an exclusive club of civil rights pioneers–see: Marion Barry, John Conyers, Jr.,–who spend the twilight of their political careers stealing, lying, and rhetorically pissing all over their life’s work by saying things like, “I hope people are doing what is in the best interest of justice, equity and fairness.”


3.) Child tyrant Arne Duncan wants to kill summer, fun — “If Education Secretary Arne Duncan has his way, kids would be spending a lot more time at school — and a three-month summer would be a thing of the past,” reports The Daily Caller’s Paul Conner. “Duncan joked with attendees at a luncheon at the National Press Club Tuesday in Washington that he would like schools to stay open 13 months out of the year,” before telling the audience that he actually does support longer school hours. How much longer? “In all seriousness, I think schools should be open 12, 13, 14 hours a day, seven days a week, 11-12 months of the year,” Duncan said. “This is not just more of the same. There would be a whole variety of after-school programs. Obviously academics would be at the heart of that. But you top it off with dancing, art, drama, music, yearbook, robotics, activities for older siblings and parents, ESL classes.” If this administration thought the Tea Partiers posed a risk to domestic security, just wait until Arne Duncan tries to enslave America’s children. They will stuff him full of mallow and stake him to a bed of fire ants, and that will be the end of the 12-hour school day.


4.) Michigan court rules in favor of PC-crazed university — “On Tuesday, a federal judge upheld the right of a counseling program at Eastern Michigan University to kick out a master’s student who declined to counsel gay clients in an affirming way,” reports Inside Higher Ed. “The judge found that the university was enforcing a legitimate curricular requirement — namely that counseling students learn to work with all kinds of clients in ways that did not judge their values or orientations.” While the student and her attorneys argued that the school’s decision violated her religious freedom, the program’s administrator claimed that “This isn’t about the thought police….This is about behaviors that are appropriate or not appropriate within counseling.” In other words, professional thought-policing.

5.) California Dems are meditating for a 2008 redux

Democrats in California are either high, desperate, or stupid, as the LA Times is reporting that the party of apocalypse strongly believes it can lure reclusive Obama voters from the cottony dreamscape of 2008 into the wilds of 2010. “Jordan Love, 22, was standing outside his home with his pit bull Duke when he was approached the other day by a Democratic volunteer canvassing his Carson neighborhood. Love had voted for the first time in 2008, inspired by Barack Obama’s campaign, and that has made him a target in 2010,” reports the Times. “Voters like Love — first-time and sometimes voters — are a vital voting bloc for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jerry Brown and incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer in their election bids, according to political observers in both parties. Both candidates are in dead-heat races, and their fates could rest on these voters, a mercurial bunch whose turnout potential is unpredictable.” You can see the canvasser now, can’t you? He has a pitbull! He must be a Democrat! While Love probably doesn’t give two squirts about California’s race to the bottom of the barrel, Democratic consultants think he and other pitbull owners are key to a Democratic victory. Said one desperate consultant, “the Obama candidacy motivated a lot of new voters….Those voters are critically important to the Brown campaign and the Boxer campaign.”

6.) States are trying to waste money before it expires

“Local governments are at risk of losing more than $1 billion in foreclosure relief funds they can’t spend quickly enough,” reports USA Today. “With use-it-or-lose-it spending deadlines weeks away, cities and counties are scrambling to shore up neighborhoods by buying foreclosed and abandoned properties — but are often stymied by market forces, federal regulations and a lack of staffing.” Thanks to the predatory malfeasance of mortgage lenders and the unabashed stupidity of homebuyers, Congress passed the $3.9 billion Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) in 2008. In 2009, Congress tacked on another $2 billion, with Obama adding $1 billion just last week. But as it stands now, pure incompetence are stymying relief efforts that may or may not be necessary. Hell, not even the bureaucrats who run what’s left of Detroit can get this right. According to Council President Charles Pugh, the city’s been too level-headed in its approach to throwing money into the furnace. “We need to be running scared, not sitting around chilling like the money is going to be around forever.”