Basil Marceaux.com discusses gun laws, Batman vs. Superman

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Tennessee gubernatorial candidate Basil Marceaux became an overnight celebrity when his campaign videos were posted on YouTube and quickly went viral. Running as a Republican, Marceaux was granted an “equal time” appearance on a local NBC broadcast, during which he introduced himself as “Basil Marceaux.com” and described his platform with statements such as, “If you kill someone, you get murdered,” and, “Plant grass and vegetation on all vacant lots and sell them for cash.” Marceaux’s website—coincidentally located at basilmarceaux.com—also contains the promise, “Vote for me and if I win I will immune you from all state crimes for the rest of you life!” The site goes on to describe Marceaux as an official “Great Man of 2008” and an agent of the Freedmen’s Bureau, a federal agency created to aid former slaves after the Civil War and shut down in 1872.

On Wednesday, Marceaux was interviewed by the Toucher & Rich radio program, a morning show based in Boston. Marceaux went into detail about his plan for citizens to challenge state law in front of a panel of “Marines, paratroopers, Navy SEALS,” and various other members of the military, then weighed in on the divisive issue of who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman. Provided below is the full interview, courtesy of 985thesportshub.com, along with Marceaux’s original video: