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Collective guilt is a strange thing, or: Stabbing people is wrong even if you can’t use it for political purposes

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Here’s how it works: When 19 Muslim terrorists fly planes into buildings and murder thousands of people, it’s not a reflection on all Muslims. Or any Muslims besides those 19, for that matter. But when a drunk A-hole in the same neighborhood yells “As-salaam alaikum! Consider this a checkpoint!” and stabs a Muslim cabbie, it’s a reflection on all opponents of the Ground Zero Mosque.


Muslim taxi driver attacker works with group that supports GZ mosque

Cabbie Ahmed Sharif says college student Michael Enright hailed his cab Tuesday and asked if he’s Muslim. He says when he replied yes, Enright attacked him. He suffered a serious neck wound.

Enright volunteered with Intersections International, which promotes interfaith tolerance and has supported plans for a mosque near ground zero.

But you should still shut up about the Ground Zero Mosque because you’re a bigot, and the reason you’re a bigot is that you just are.

Let’s hope Enright is justly punished for his crime and that his victim, Ahmed Sharif, recovers fully from his injuries. None of this Sharif’s fault, neither the stabbing nor his current status as a political football:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg supports the mosque project. He’s invited the cabbie to visit City Hall on Thursday.

Of course, this is a local issue and the rest of the country should just butt out, right?

P.S. Iowahawk says, “US Muslims Face New Violent Hate Menace: Drunk Art School Students Working For Peace Organization.”

P.P.S. William Jacobson: “Another Failed Eliminationist Narrative.”

P.P.P.S. MSNBC: “Drunk shouts ‘terrorists,’ urinates on mosque rugs; Some worry NYC mosque controversy could lead to more attacks.” If getting drunk, hollering, and pissing on stuff you’re not supposed to is now considered an attack, Homeland Security must be watching every frat house in America.

Jim Treacher