Hurricanes keep avoiding U.S., will it continue?

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With the 2010 season producing tropical cyclones in rapid succession now, the United States coastline continues to remain nearly immune from the realistic threat of a direct hurricane strike. Not a single storm from this year’s basket of 13 systems (11 named) has come within 75 miles of our shores at hurricane strength. In fact, only one of those 13 tropical cyclones, tropical storm Bonnie, actually made a U.S. landfall. And that was at minimal tropical storm status (40mph) near Homestead, FL, 27 miles south of Miami on the morning of July 23. One can only hope the steering currents will continue to be so kind.

In the near term, with three named systems on the active roster (Igor, Julia, and Karl), it appears the “0-for” streak will continue. Igor, the most ferocious system of the year, remains a powerful category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds estimated at 135 mph

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