Gillespie: Voter frustration on spending will win GOP more state legislatures than previously thought

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Republicans in November will win control of more state legislatures than previously projected, according to a report released Thursday, which could lead to more Republican drawn U.S. House districts during redistricting next year.

The Republican State Leadership Committee, chaired by veteran GOP operative Ed Gillespie, says Republicans will win control of six state legislature chambers in November. Additionally, 11 Democratic-controlled chambers are also in play for Republicans. Democrats, on the other hand, will not win control of any GOP chamber this year, according to the REDMAP report.

“We think we’re going to be able to tap into the frustration amongst voters out there about taxes and spending,” Gillespie said Thursday of the group, which is putting money towards Republicans in these targeted state legislature races.

Today’s forecast is an increase for Republicans from July, when the group projected that the GOP would win four chambers.

The party in power of the state legislatures usually design its state’s U.S. House districts to their advantage. Because state legislatures will have the opportunity to redraw districts following this year’s census, the RSLC is focusing on states where a GOP takeover could yield more Republican seats in Washington.

The six states that include chambers of which Republicans will win control, according to the report, are Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. In Ohio, for example, five new congressional districts could be drawn for Republicans if the GOP wins control of the state House there by winning up four seats. (The state would have to elect a GOP governor for that to happen and the state Senate would have to remain Republican).

Of the state legislatures in play for Republicans, Gillespie said the group just added the Illinois House, which has been long-controlled by Democrats.

The group hopes to release another report in October.