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Alan Grayson is acting like a total Alan Grayson

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And if you’ve been paying any attention to Alan Grayson, you know that’s not a compliment.

In Grayson’s latest campaign ad, he labels his Republican opponent “Taliban Dan Webster” for saying his wife should submit to him:


Except Grayson is lying and he knows it, as Factcheck.org reveals:

In a new ad, Grayson accuses his Republican opponent Daniel Webster of being a religious fanatic and dubs him “Taliban Dan.” But to make his case, Grayson manipulates a video clip to make it appear Webster was commanding wives to submit to their husbands, quoting a passage in the Bible. Four times, the ad shows Webster saying wives should submit to their husbands. In fact, Webster was cautioning husbands to avoid taking that passage as their own. The unedited quote is: “Don’t pick the ones [Bible verses] that say, ‘She should submit to me.’”

Here it is:

So, Webster said the exact opposite of what he’s accused of saying. Putting the word “don’t” at the beginning of a sentence tends to change the meaning of the rest of the sentence, unless you’re an oafish charlatan trying to win an election. Cue Alan Grayson. If he was running against Moses, he’d cut out all the “Thou shalt not” stuff in the Ten Commandments. “Moses wants you to steal, kill, and lie about your neighbor! I’m Alan Grayson and I approve this message while holding two small children.”

(I guess you could point to the part where Webster says that your wife can choose to submit to you if she wants, but it’s not your decision to make. Um… does that sound like the Taliban to you?)

Factcheck.org also took apart Grayson’s previous ad, with its equally false accusation of draft-dodging. Alan Grayson stinks.

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P.S. Politico: Rep. Alan Grayson’s ‘Taliban’ ad backfires. Orlando Sentinel: Grayson’s ‘Taliban Dan’ ad takes Webster’s words out of context, twists meaning.

P.P.S. Here’s another actual campaign ad:

I know that, judging by all available evidence, mental health issues are not a bar to entry into Congress. But this guy is demented even for them.

P.P.P.S. Byron York: “Grayson ripped Webster’s words so far out of context that it approaches, or perhaps reaches, the point of slander.”

P.P.P.P.S. Mary Katharine Ham: “So, the man who called the health-care crisis in America a ‘Holocaust,’ enabled of course by Republicans whose health care plan is for you to ‘die, quickly,’ told Dick Cheney to ‘STFU,’ called a female Fed employee a ‘whore,’ thinks Tea Partiers wear sheets on their heads, wants his name emblazoned in neon outside his home office, and used taxpayer money to fund a two-hour DVD of his greatest, insane hits will not be raising the level of dialogue in this country, which as we know, is the fervent wish of all liberal activists.”

P.P.P.P.P.S. Ed Morrissey: Grayson taken to the woodshed by… MSNBC?

Jim Treacher