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Princella Smith Contributor
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Let’s jump right into this. The left is officially so desperate to pick up votes that they have stooped to using distracting, divisive issues to move attention away from the defining issue of this election cycle: THE ECONOMY.

In Louisiana, Democrat strategists are going on record saying that they will use race to convince voters in New Orleans of why they should vote against Vietnamese Republican Congressman Joseph Cao and instead select an African-American Democratic State Representative, Cedric Richmond — because he’s “black like them.”

In my home state of Arkansas, the Democratic Party sent out a release Monday night demanding an apology from Republican Congressman John Boozman for laughing at a conservative commentator’s remarks to a tea party rally.

Really? Are we really chasing cameras to see who laughs at what jokes? Man, they must REALLY think Senator Lincoln is in trouble.

And then there’s the reason I’m writing this article in the first place. Just days ago, I delivered two speeches to the SmartGirl Politics Summit, a gathering of conservative women from around the country.

The far-left feminist group Emily’s List sent an intern to spy on this summit and to film most of our addresses. In doing so, the intern returned to the Emily’s List “powers that be” and FALSELY reported that I called pro-choice women “freaks of nature.”

Of course, an Emily’s List blogger wrote about it…and then a conservative columnist defended me…and then another columnist defended Emily’s List while ONCE AGAIN FALSELY QUOTING me.

So, I’ve concluded that one of two things happened. Either the intern delivered her account of the summit straight from memory and the “powers that be” didn’t take the time to fact-check the video, or the intern chose to purposefully malign me, and the “powers that be” didn’t care.

How about “C. All of the above”?

To clarify, the whole “freak of nature” quote came from Kathryn Jean Lopez, a conservative writer for National Review, who said: “I believe this is the year the feminist lie was officially up. This is the year that the media was forced to start to recognize it. This is the year they couldn’t quite marginalize, couldn’t quite treat the conservative female as an anomaly or freak of nature. Not to put it too crassly, but liberal feminism, in truth, is the freak of nature. Inasmuch as it was driven home that it was the way women were and wanted to be.”

So, not only was the source of the quote incorrect, but the MEANING of the quote was so largely misinterpreted, that this either HAD to have been done on purpose, or the EMILY’S LIST INTERN IS AN IDIOT.

I was also smeared for suggesting that there is nothing wrong with a woman wanting to be a mother. Emily’s List wrote that I insulted women who wanted to go to Ivy League institutions and have a successful career before starting a family.


Yeah. I think I’m going to go with “THE EMILY’S LIST INTERN IS AN IDIOT”, and while I’m at it, the author of that hit piece about me is an idiot for not fact-checking.

They linked to my bio in the hit piece that they wrote. Did they READ IT? I am the epitome of a young woman starting her career before settling down. I even explicitly mentioned in the speech the joys of doing so, but what I also stated was the ability to be proud of being a woman and of the abilities that God gave us to have children.

This doesn’t mean that every woman HAS to have a child.

It doesn’t mean that even I will have a child.

What it DOES mean is that in this great country we have the right and privilege to have as many children as possible, and it’s perfectly fine to accept that whether you’re a career woman or not.

Men and women should embrace our differences as special. Men’s and women’s differences don’t make one superior and/or one inferior. These differences make the world a very special and unique place to live.

So-called feminists like the members of Emily’s List tick me off because they don’t know the definition of real feminism. REAL feminism respects the fact that all women have a right to think, act, feel and achieve at the highest levels and with a diverse array of opinions that speaks to the uniqueness of us as individuals.

If every woman becomes a liberal, then the feminist movement will have failed at its core because we will all be categorized as the same type of individual.

Real feminists like Susan B. Anthony fought for women to have the same opportunities as men — not to try to BE men or HATE men or DESPISE women who choose to be conservative or who choose to oppose the option to kill unborn babies.

I am so tired of liberals who can’t wrap their head around the fact that a young woman — a young BLACK woman — can be a conservative and can actually enjoy it and intelligently explain it.

No, I’m not a self-hater, and I’m not a token. I’m an individual who chooses to think independently regardless of what little box you try to fit me in.

Should every white male only vote for other white males? Of course not. Then, why is it that females — especially minority females — are expected to only vote for other minorities or for other women or for liberals?

To the original point of this article, all this crap is just one huge DISTRACTION. The left wants to paint the right as woman-haters and racial bigots to DISTRACT from the REAL issue which is, in the overused phrase of James Carville, “the economy, stupid.” While abortion is and always will be a very important issue, even IT has been tied to the economy re: taxpayer-funded abortions.

You see, Emily’s List, I see through your little charade, and frankly it makes me sick. Go come up with solutions to the economy or a real reason why it’s so awful for a woman to be pro-life and/or conservative, and stop trying to change the dialogue of this election cycle.

America is the land of the free. In America, women are free to think for themselves.

Princella Smith is a 26-year-old former Republican congressional candidate from Arkansas. Prior to running for office, she served as a national spokesperson for Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions and as a communications director on Capitol Hill. She has worked on or with various campaigns and has been a frequent guest on national and local media outlets.