Murkowski snubs Palin, Tea Party: ‘I know what they did’

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Lisa Murkowski, the write-in candidate in the Alaska Senate race, spoke disparagingly of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Express in an interview with Fox News’ Dan Springer early this morning.

When asked whether Palin is the right person to be leading the Tea Party movement across the country, Murkowski said: “I think that remains to be — decided. I think here in Alaska tonight, people are more focused on Lisa Murkowski than Sarah Palin.”

Palin backed Murkowski’s opponent and losing Republican senate candidate, Joe Miller.

“What I have always done is I’ve said, this is about Alaska. What I do is for Alaska. I think that was recognized here in our state. Sarah’s going do what Sarah’s going do. I’m going to do what I need to do for Alaska.”

On the Tea Party, Murkowski said: “I know what they did in my state, they were an outside organization that came in, tried to influence an election, they did so in the primary and we said, not again. This is our state. We will make the decisions here. We will elect our senator and Alaskans are doing just that.”

“Don’t ever underestimate the power of a strong Alaskan woman, maybe that’s what I leave you with,” she said.

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