We won, now let’s find some perspective

Nick R. Brown Contributor
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This is a great time for conservatives. There is a weariness in our souls that has somewhat dissipated. But something has been troubling me for some time now, and I think that it is important that we all take a minute to find some perspective.

I’ve repeatedly heard from television talking heads, my radio, and politicians that now the work will begin to reduce spending, provide tax breaks, repeal Obamacare, push nuclear energy, so on and so forth. But folks, that’s just not going to happen. I’d be willing to bet that none of that happens.

This election was not about actively reversing trends. We just don’t have the power to do that. Our side will not be able to push an agenda, and even if our side could do that, the likelihood of President Obama signing anything conservatives sent to him is slim to none. In military strategy you have the “rollback” and you have “containment.” The rollback is the complete annihilation of the enemy. And containment of course is a strategic blockade.

What this election was truly about was creating a two-year blockade. We all saw very clearly how much damage could be done in two years with a progressive president and a Congress full of his sheep. The results of this election simply keep President Obama in check, when he was clearly not in check the last two years. 2012 should be conservatives’ goal for really seeing a reversal of trends.

Perspective is an important thing, and it will be increasingly important as we edge closer to 2012. Why? Mainly because conservatives have made a stand, the Tea Party has made a stand, and that passion, involvement and trend needs to continue into the 2012 presidential election. If we lose perspective, and talking heads and politicians begin waxing poetic about how they are about to roll all of Obama’s policies back over the next two years, then the reality is that conservatives could be in the same pot of boiling water in two years’ time that liberals and progressives are currently sitting in.

Now is not the time for politicians to be making promises that Congressional conservatives do not have the power to act on, and talking heads and radio show hosts should be reminding viewers and listeners of this fact. We would simply be setting ourselves up for failure. Under-promising and over-delivering should be the slogan of every conservative in office right now. For the last two years we have been playing a football game without a defense or an offense. We just got our defense in play to keep Obama from outright scoring. But the reality is that we won’t have an opportunity to get an offense into the game until 2012. If we all keep that in mind over the next 24 months, and keep our passions and involvement high, then we can take back the Senate and potentially the presidency and start the Republican rollback of the progressive movement.

This article was originally posted at thelobbyist.net.

Nick R. Brown is the founder of the political commentary site thelobbyist.net, and director of the candidate evaluation site ConservativeCongress.com