A day of manly man activities, starring Vice President Joe Biden [SLIDESHOW]

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Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin recently released a collection of photos “to preserve his image as a man of deeds in case he returns to the presidency in 2012,” The Guardian reports. Rather than accomplish this, however, the glamor shots make Putin look like he’s posing for L.L Bean’s fall catalog.

After viewing the bizarre photos (why, for example, is it necessary to see a PM caressing a horse — or any other beast, for that matter — on top of a mountain?) we started wondering what one of our own leaders would look like if he released a similar set of PR shots.

Naturally, only one man came to mind: Vice President Joe Biden. Why? Because nobody puts Joe in a corner.

Without further ado, we present Joe Biden participating in an array of manly-man activities on the body of Vladimir Putin. Just because.

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