Mele Kalikimaka, Mr. President

David Bossie President, Citizens United
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While President Obama’s eyes are set on a Christmas vacation in Hawaii, the American people’s minds are fixed on the largest tax increases in American history, which are looming on the horizon.  Every American taxpayer will be hit hard by the Obama tax hikes.  At a time of economic strife, and today’s reports of unemployment rising to 9.8 percent, President Obama’s thoughts should be on creating jobs for the American people.  Raising taxes will only hurt small businesses and job creation.

On the first of the new year, personal income taxes will be hiked, and the marriage penalty tax will rear its ugly head again.  In fact, even the child tax credit will be cut by $500 for every child.  With the economy still struggling, American families will have to make even tougher decisions in 2011 if Congress does not halt these tax increases.

President Obama knew almost two years ago when he was sworn into office that these tax hikes would go into effect on January 1, 2011.  It is a failure of leadership that he has waited until the 11th hour to act.  I hope that as President Obama dreams of his Hawaiian Christmas vacation, he reflects on those American families that will soon suffer under his historic tax increases.

At Citizens United we have released a new web ad to drive home the point that President Obama is out of touch and miles away from reality.  Please share with family and friends.

David N. Bossie is the president of Citizens United and Citizens United Productions, and the executive producer of “America at Risk.”