Voters split on Obama’s leadership style

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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For President Obama, “let me be clear,” is a personal motto. But it seems likely voters, aren’t clear on the president’s leadership style, with 28 percent saying Obama’s style is “too confrontational” and an almost equal amount saying that he is “too cooperative.”

A Rasmussen poll released Wednesday found that 28 percent of likely voters found Obama “too confrontational,” while 30 percent say he’s “too cooperative.” Like Goldilocks, another 30 percent say the president’s leadership style is “about right.”

When Obama first came to office, 60 percent of likely voters said his style was “about right” with just 21 percent saying he was “too confrontational,” but the current three-way split has been consistent since October.

The survey of likely voters was conducted before the White House began brokering a deal on extending the Bush-era tax cuts, so the next few weeks could see the results change. Obama, who may be attempting Bill Clinton’s approach of triangulation, has taken heat from the left over his tax cut compromise.