‘Spider-Man’ actor injured after fall during high-flying Broadway performance

Vince Coglianese Contributor
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The Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark” continues to be riddled with problems after the fourth injury struck the show’s cast as a result of the set’s flying mechanics.

The actor playing Spider-Man in the expensive high-flying Broadway rendition of the beloved character has been injured following the failure of the rope system that propels the act over the audience.

BroadwayWorld.com reports that while the actor seemed prepared to stand up after his fall, he was persuaded to stay in place until emergency personnel arrived:

BroadwayWorld spoke to an audience member who was there and told us that it right was near the end of the show when the bridge comes down and MJ falls and Spider-Man goes after her. Basically, she went down and he went jumping after her, and you saw the rope come done and then snap back up and then all of a sudden, the stage manager’s voice came on and said that there was going to be a pause and they stayed dark for a minute or two and then they basically called the show.

Our source tells us that for most of the audience, there was a moment of “did I really just see that” followed by horror and concern. Coming from where the actor fell, a voice was heard screaming as well. As audience members left the theatre, at least one ambulance and fire truck were seen.

Another audience member has contacted us to tell us that ‘The person taken away was the person playing Spider-Man at the time. He tried to get up and stagehands told him not to move.

This show was the latest in a series of audience previews. The New York Times confirms that the actor was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center.