Face of evil: Mug shots of famous assassins [SLIDESHOW]

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With each passing day since the Saturday shootings, we learn something new about Jared Lee Loughner, the man who stands accused of killing six in Tuscon.

On Monday, his mug shot was released: a piercing image of the 22-year-old that seems to reflect no remorse. The NY Post observed that, “evil emanates from the eyes of Jared Lee Loughner,” whose chilling appearance is further heightened by his unsettling smirk and shaved head that glows eerily in the photo, both which conjure the memory of Charles Manson’s mug shot that appeared on the cover of Life magazine in 1989.

Loughner joins a number of fellow political assassins whose mug shots have become focal points for the tragedies they caused (and incidentally have also used their middle name). We’ve compiled the most notable to compare and contrast, from the likes of Lee Harvey Oswald to James Earl Ray.