Shameless Left mines rhetorical gold

Scott Wheeler Former investigative journalist
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The shocking mass murder visited upon Tucson a week ago Saturday by a lunatic loner provided the nasty Left with another opportunity to show that they haven’t a shred of decency. The Associated Press led the yellow hoard with minute-by-minute accusations before the victims of this horrific tragedy were even evacuated to the hospital. The so-called mainstream media coverage went something like this: “Most people believe there is a Tea Party and Sarah Palin connection to all of this.” That was before the name of the shooter was even known.

Follow-up reports operated along a similar narrative: “What is this Loughner’s connection to the Tea Party? Has he ever been to a Tea Party? Does he know anybody that ever went to a Tea Party? Does he have a ‘T’ in his name? Were they selling tea in the store where the shooting took place? We have our suspects — anyone who thinks the government is spending too much!”

Now, with stunning chutzpah, the Democrats who have been calling us every vicious name you can think of — like “terrorist” and saying that we are “dangerous” and “un-American” “thugs” and “brown shirts” — are telling us that we need to have “a more civil tone” when addressing them. This from the party whose leader referred to us as “our enemies.” And like the increasingly disconnected royal aspirants they’ve become, now they demand we pay to have them protected from us.

The Democrats say they want Republicans to sit with them at the State of the Union address rather than be divided by party, as is the tradition. Like most Democrat ideas, the root motivation here is a political one; Democrats know that the majority of Americans see them as the “establishment,” which is why Republicans won overwhelmingly in the November elections. So, this new “bipartisan” idea of sitting together is the Democrats’ way of showing the people that the Republicans are just like them, part of the establishment.

There is no event too tragic for Democrats and their allies in the media to exploit for political advantage. It should be obvious to everyone that this is a naked attempt to silence all criticism of the left-wing establishment while it finishes destroying what is left of our country. The very left-wingers who have been tearing this country apart, using the most vicious rhetoric to attack peaceful American Tea Party protesters who are trying to save the country, are now accusing their victims of being dangerous and inspiring the violence in Tucson.

Left-wing absurdist David Brock was on MSNBC last week following Obama’s civility speech in Tucson, still on the attack. “Glenn Beck himself has been responsible for three thwarted assassination attempts this year,” he said.

Most reasonable people defend Palin and the Tea Partiers by saying there is no evidence linking Jared Loughner to Palin or any Tea Party group. If the same standards were applied to Democrats that are being applied to Tea Partiers, Dick Durbin would be held responsible for Nidal Hasan’s murderous rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, since Durbin compared American soldiers to Nazis on the floor of the US Senate. If the Left wants to link the crosshairs of a political campaign to Tea Party groups and Sarah Palin, then what Dick Durbin said was tantamount to deputizing Hasan for his murderous act of terrorism.

What is even more absurd is that Durbin and his colleague in the Senate, John Kerry, were two of the first out of the box to demand civility. Does anyone remember Kerry’s remark during the George H. W. Bush administration that the Secret Service should “shoot Quayle” — referring to then-Vice President Dan Quayle — in the event that President Bush was shot?

Speaking of “targeting” people, has anyone noticed the state government of Pennsylvania, run by a Democrat, has a television ad that targets its own citizens? “Your name is Tom. Nice car, Tom. Nice house,” a voice says, as the video image of a “target” with a bull’s-eye focuses in on a house, warning that “Tom” better pay up because “we know where you live.” That ad received national attention last year, and yet, there was no media outrage about it. But if using a target for a political opponent is “dangerous” and promotes a “climate of hate,” as our liberal elites tell us, then the government putting a bull’s-eye on a citizen’s house qualifies as terrorism.

So, the Left claims to seize the high ground while accusing us of being accomplices to murder. Then they demand we treat them with civility. Or else. The logical conclusion to this parade of absurdities would be for Obama to appoint his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, to be the Civility Czar.

Scott Wheeler is a former television producer, investigative journalist and author of the book Shadow Government: What Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know About His Czars. He is also the founder and Executive Director of the National Republican Trust PAC.