Murkowski: ‘There are no cooties to be had’ at SOTU

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski isn’t worried about contracting cooties at the State of the Union ceremony.

Murkowski told reporters Tuesday that she would have no issue sitting next to a Democrat during the State of the Union address because opposing party members don’t have “cooties.”

“Maybe we do need to get out of our conventional skins every now and again and come out and do something that indicates to the rest of the country that we are not afraid to sit next to each other, that there are no cooties to be had, Republican between Democrats that together we can join together in this very important speech that the president will deliver to us tonight,” Murkowski said.

Murkowski likened it to going to the prom and added that she was planning a double date with Democratic Sens. Daniel Akaka and Barbara McCulski.