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Congratulations to the sports team that won the big game last night

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Yay! Or, depending on your perspective, boo!

I did not watch the Super Bowl because I did not care, but I did happen to switch it on right when this ad came on:

Wait, what? As Daily Caller contributor and Motor City native Natasha Mayer put it: “Yeah, Detroit’s not that clean.”

J.P. Freire at the Washington Examiner has a good question:

You may have noticed that Chrysler released the longest ad in Super Bowl history on Sunday night, featuring the new Chrysler 200 driven by Detroit native rap star Eminem, an ad that CEO Sergio Marchionne says cost less than $9 million. But given that the company’s CEO also announced this past week that is seeking a “better deal” on government loans, it is likely that this ad had more to do with getting political support than selling cars. Besides, is spending millions on a Super Bowl ad appropriate for a company that received a taxpayer bailout to recover from a bankruptcy?…

Chrysler didn’t go through the hottest fires. Unless, of course, “hottest fires” means “skipping bankruptcy” and asking for a handout to protect union pensions, which it got.

All I know is that if Chrysler wants to restore my confidence, this is not the face to show me:

“This is the Motor City, and this is what we do.” What, creep me out? As our own Mike Riggs put it, this was a total waste of the taxpayers’ doll hairs. My old G.I. Joe with kung-fu grip just called, Em, and he wants his scalp back.

Also, that song is like 10 years old. And it’s called “Lose Yourself.” Oh, okay. Now I wanna buy a Chrysler!

P.S. Labash on Detroit.