Mark Steyn mocks Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl punditry

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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If you were paying attention during the Super Bowl halftime show last night, you would have heard the Black Eyed Peas deviate from their lyrics to send a political message: “Obama, let’s get these kids educated, create jobs so the country stays stimulated.”

That message struck a nerve with Mark Steyn, the fill-in host for Rush Limbaugh on Monday. Steyn expressed his disapproval by mocking the Black Eyed Peas for inserting that not-so-subtle message.

“The Black Eyed Peas were there last night and they amended their song to insert the words, ‘Obama,’ to insert a little bit of a political message, a searing political insight you get from the Black Eyed Peas, ‘Obama let’s get these kids educated to create jobs so the country stays stimulated.’ I’m Mr. Squaresville, so I don’t know what the Black Eyed Peas – how that tune normally goes. I think that’s their song, ‘Where is the Love.’”

According to Steyn, the ill-conceived line was ignorant of how Obama’s policies have failed to stimulate the economy.

“Thank you for penetrating insight, Mr. Pea or Mr. Black Eyed, whichever one it was,” he said. “America – what’s wrong with American education? We spend more than any other country per student than Luxembourg.  So why aren’t they educated? What is it? Should we throw more money at the teachers unions? Is that what you’re proposing or have you got some smarter idea there? Create jobs so the country stays stimulated. Well Obama is the de-stimulator, sir — Mr. P, Mr. Black Eyes. Obama is the de-stimulator. He spent a trillion dollars and he might as well have thrown it all out the window in single dollar bills because while most of it would be thrown into the Potomac and washed out into the Atlantic Ocean – there would be a good chance of maybe $17, $18 would’ve blown back on to the Eastern Seaboard and been used for some genuine economic activity. He spent $1 trillion and he de-stimulated the economy. This is what passes for penetrating political insight of our cutting-edge artistes – ‘Obama let’s get these kids educated, create jobs of a country stays stimulated.’”