National spending emerges as the new smalltalk in D.C. bars?

Steven Nelson Associate Editor
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Public Notice, a non-profit advocacy group that aims to educate citizens about the perils of the country’s fiscal crisis, has developed an innovative new campaign to reach Washingtonians.

The “coasters and posters” campaign intends to make it difficult to get away from talk of government spending. Approximately 50 bars and restaurants will feature drink coasters that read “I like my government spending how I like my beer: cheap.”

The campaign includes locales frequented by congressmen and congressional staff. Public Notice lists the locations as including the Capitol Lounge, Hawk & Dove, Buffalo Billiards, Capitol City Brewing Company, Fox and Hounds, Froggy Bottom Pub, Dubliner, and Union Pub.

On the coasters will be a phone number that a viewer can send a text message to in order to receive future text message updates about government spending.

A press release available on the organization’s website says that the campaign is the latest in a series of efforts, including an ad at Reagan National Airport, to raise the public’s level of awareness and alarm about the current high level of government spending.

“Our goal is to make sure that wherever members of Congress and their staffs go, even out for a drink in D.C.,” says Public Notice, “they will be reminded that the people will remember their promises to make tough choices and rein in spending.”