Ron Paul fanatics similar to Justin Bieber fanatics says Ann Coulter

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Supporters of a Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul 2012 presidential bid certainly made a statement at CPAC in Washington recently, pushing their candidate to victory in the event’s straw poll, but also booing and heckling former Vice President Dick Cheney and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Such enthusiasm didn’t go unnoticed by conservative author Ann Coulter. On Tuesday’s “Red Eye” on the Fox News Channel, host Greg Gutfeld asked Coulter about pop artist Justin Bieber losing the best new artist Grammy to bassist Esperanza Spalding. She noted that pop music wasn’t her field of expertise, but said Bieber supporters are not unlike Paul supporters.

“First I totally want to thank you on our topics tonight because they are right up my alley, just as a regular US magazine, People magazine and Tiger Beat reader,” Coulter said. “Yeah, I had to look up every topic on Wikipedia tonight to find out what we were even talking about. But, I do want to defend the Justin Bieber fans – yes they’re fanatics and they’re slightly crazy. But at least unlike Ron Paul supporters, they’re still 10 years old.”

Later in the show’s “Halftime Report” segment, the “Red Eye” ombudsman asked Coulter for clarification – that “Ron Paul fans often act like they’re 10 years old.”

“Yes, that is a good point but similar fanaticism,” she replied.