Dr. Pepper zeros in on male market with new 10-calorie can

Emily Baddock Contributor
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Men face a dilemma when it comes to soda: Should they grab a regular bottle increase their calorie intake, or diminish their manliness by drinking the “girly” diet version?

Dr. Pepper claims to have found a win-win solution with its male-marketed “Dr. Pepper 10,” reports AdvertisingAge and Time Magazine.

With a 10-calorie can and a “bold” Dr. Pepper flavor, the soda giant aims to tap into reluctant male markets with its revamped diet option. The girlish stigma attached to sodas of the diet variety has been a huge obstacle for soda competitors such as Diet Mountain Dew, Pepsi Max and Coke Zero. In an effort to test reactions of male audiences, Dr. Pepper released a Rambo-esque commercial featuring the bubbly beverage. To ensure a maximization of manly credibility the ad even adopted the less-than-subtle slogan “not for women.”

Check out the advertisement here.