7 Club for Growth Endorsed Candidates Voted For CR

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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On March 11, the fiscally-conservative Club for Growth joined with other conservative organizations in urging Members of Congress to vote against a short-term continuing resolutions.

The Club for Growth is one of the most powerful conservative organizations in America, and they are known for getting involved in primaries — often spending money to defeat Republicans who vote against their free market conservative agenda.

That’s why I found it interesting that — while 54 bold Republicans voted against Tuesday’s CRseven of the Members of Congress voting for the CR (and with Speaker John Boehner) — were candidates The Club endorsed in 2010.

The list includes: David Schweikert (AZ), Nan Hayworth (NY), Tim Griffin (AR), Mike Pompeo (KS), Stephen Fincher (TN), Tim Scott (SC), and Todd Young (IN).  (It should be noted that many Club-endorsed candidates also voted against the CR).

The Club’s opposition to the CR was unambiguous.  In a press release issued earlier this week, Club for Growth President Chris Chocola called the CR a “trap” and warned that “fiscally conservative House members should insist on more than a short-term CR now.”

It’s too early to draw too many conclusions, but could it be that Republican leadership is starting to exert more influence over some conservatives in Congress?

Matt K. Lewis