7 Club for Growth Endorsed Candidates Voted For CR

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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On March 11, the fiscally-conservative Club for Growth joined with other conservative organizations in urging Members of Congress to vote against a short-term continuing resolutions.

The Club for Growth is one of the most powerful conservative organizations in America, and they are known for getting involved in primaries — often spending money to defeat Republicans who vote against their free market conservative agenda.

That’s why I found it interesting that — while 54 bold Republicans voted against Tuesday’s CRseven of the Members of Congress voting for the CR (and with Speaker John Boehner) — were candidates The Club endorsed in 2010.

The list includes: David Schweikert (AZ), Nan Hayworth (NY), Tim Griffin (AR), Mike Pompeo (KS), Stephen Fincher (TN), Tim Scott (SC), and Todd Young (IN).  (It should be noted that many Club-endorsed candidates also voted against the CR).

The Club’s opposition to the CR was unambiguous.  In a press release issued earlier this week, Club for Growth President Chris Chocola called the CR a “trap” and warned that “fiscally conservative House members should insist on more than a short-term CR now.”

It’s too early to draw too many conclusions, but could it be that Republican leadership is starting to exert more influence over some conservatives in Congress?