No chance of ‘Men’ return for Charlie

Josh Kinney Contributor
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CBS executives may want Charlie Sheen back, but he won’t be winning with Warner Bros.

The decision to bring the actor back to the show “Two and a Half Men” remains with Warner Bros. and not CBS.

TMZ reported that sources directly connected to Warner Bros. say there is “no chance” of Sheen returning to the show.

The troubled actor was fired by Warner Bros. after his bizarre antics and public ranting about “Men” creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre.

Sheen reportedly filed a $100,000,000 lawsuit against Warner Bros. and Lorre.

According to RadarOnline, sources said CBS President and CEO Les Moonves had approached Lorre about bringing Sheen back to the show.

“Moonves wants to get the show back on the air.  He’s all for it.  He says certain people need to forget anything and everything Charlie’s done recently and just move on with the business at hand,” the source said.

NBC’s Jeff Rossen tweeted, “To be clear, there are 2 companies involved. Sources say, CBS would be happy to take Charlie back, but he still needs to reach deal with WB.”

TMZ reports that Lorre has held meetings about the show’s future and possible re-casting but there will be no more Charlie.