Late Night’s Jimmy Fallon criticizes Obama

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During an interview with NBC News’s Brian Williams, NBC’s Late Night host and comedian Jimmy Fallon began criticizing the president for neglecting his presidential duties.

“Come on!” said Fallon, “What is going down, he’s making NCAA, doing his brackets on ESPN, I mean who’s advising him?”

His political rant was sparked by Obama’s recent trip to Brazil. “It feels like, to me,” he said, “that Obama is playing soccer in Rio with kids and Hillary Clinton seems to be really stepping up, almost like she’s being very presidential, I feel like. Isn’t it weird?”

Williams said he was surprised at Fallon’s “political ‘tude,” noting that he’s never heard Fallon enter political territory before.

Williams did defend the president, though, arguing that “the machinery of the presidency comes with the president” when he travels, so he can afford to make trips like the one he made to Brazil.

Fallon, however, still disagreed. He said he understands the difficulties of the job, and always supports the president, but still felt like the White House wasn’t enough of a presence during crisis. “I feel like I want to hear from him,” said Fallon.