Not just Jesse James: Celebrity memoirs that could legitimize book-burning [SLIDESHOW]

Caitlin Emma Contributor
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Life is hard. Celebrities know this. They just want you to understand what they’re going through.

What better way to divulge one’s feelings, relate to fans and capitalize on addiction, divorce and a general trainwreck of a life than to release a memoir, which someone else most likely wrote for you? Because let’s be honest, the public can’t expect celebrities to be awesome and write all of their thoughts down.

These tales of celebrity fame and woe aren’t exactly winning Pulitzers, or earning spots in history next to Tolstoy, or even making your child’s Scholastic catalog (God forbid).

Nope. These parables barely make the ranks of trashy beach reads. Your choice to read them, in fact, should make you raise a lot of questions about your own life, in addition to the author’s questionable existence. If this were a “Fahrenheit 451” scenario, these books would make perfect kindling for the book-burning party.

TheDC honors the celebrity memoirs you never plan on reading, nor should you ever plan on reading. If you do, we suggest you go write one of your own so we can add it to this list.