TheDC’s Chris Moody on The Sarah Palin Controversy

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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As you might have heard, a recent article by my Daily Caller colleague Chris Moody about Sarah Palin proved controversial when Palin took to her Facebook page, calling out TheDC, and lamenting the “sloppiness of reporters.”

I had a chance to chat with Moody yesterday about the story (listen to our full conversation here).

Moody’s column cited several prominent conservatives who were critical of the fact that her TLC show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” benefited from Alaska’s film production tax credits.  Though he included Palin’s response, she later argued that her quotes were “buried on his story’s second page.”

“I was making no accusations,” Moody told me. “I was merely pointing out that these prominent conservatives were making these accusations. And that is called coverage of something that is happening…”

“You can read the article, and I think we really captured — on that first page — her defense, and we represented it accurately,” Moody added.

Moody and I went on to discuss the ethics and protocol of political reporting.  We also touched on Libya and budget issues.

Listen to our full conversation here.  Or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Matt K. Lewis