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British man arrested for singing a song

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Care to take a guess what the song was? “Deutschland Uber Alles,” perhaps? Maybe “Friday” by Rebecca Black? Nope. The Telegraph reports:

A pub singer has been arrested on suspicion of racial harassment after singing Kung Fu Fighting in front of two Chinese people.

Simon Ledger says he fears he will end up with a criminal record for performing the 1974 disco classic at a seafront bar on the Isle of Wight on Sunday after two people walking past apparently took offence.

The 34-year-old, from the island, regularly features Carl Douglas’s 1974 number one hit in his set when he performs at the Driftwood Beach Bar in Sandown.

But after striking up the melody in front of customers at the weekend he noticed a man of Chinese origin walking past with his mother, making gestures at him and taking a picture on his mobile phone.

He said that he later received a telephone call from police – while he was dining in a Chinese restaurant – asking him to meet officers about the incident.

He was then arrested and questioned before being bailed.

England is finished. I’ve never understood why anybody would want to live there, and that was before I knew you could get arrested there for having great taste in music.

Everybody was kung fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning
The UK’s decline is frightening
I feel the handcuffs tightening

What’s next, you fascists? Can we get arrested for singing this?


If excellence is outlawed, only outlaws will be excellent.

P.S. From way back in the ’90s, when The Onion was still funny: Chinese Laundry Owner Blasted For Reinforcing Negative Ethnic Stereotypes