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Thank goodness the Birther stuff is behind us so we can get back to talking about the Birther stuff

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Obama put the Birther controversy behind him yesterday, and then spent the rest of the day talking about it. ABC News:

After Putting Birther Issue to Bed, Obama Brings It Up During Three Fundraisers

President Barack Obama wrapped up three fundraising events for his reelection bid by tackling the birther issue head-on — again.

“My name is Barack Obama. I was born in Hawaii,” he said as a crowd of 1,300 stood, screamed and applauded.

Just hours after trying to quash speculation about his birthplace by releasing his longform birth certificate, Obama couldn’t resist poking fun at the controversy.

“Nobody has checked my ID but just in case…” Obama said tongue-in-cheek, as he reached into his pocket pretending to reach for his credentials.

Ha ha ha. See, because it’s a distraction and everybody should give it a rest because there’s way more important stuff out there. Right, Oprah?

Pay attention, teabaggers, because this is what you do when you want people to stop talking about something. You hop on over to Oprah to talk about it. You pontificate about sideshows. On Oprah.

Now we can look forward to a week of the MSM scolding everybody else for not having better things to talk about than Birtherism. Mental giants like Shep Smith and Larry O’Donnell have been working themselves into a froth about what a distraction it is, which I guess beats shutting the hell up about it already. But admittedly, they make a good point: If only the press could show the same discernment and solid news judgment they displayed when covering Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard. Or Trig’s parentage. Or McCain’s marital life. Or…

I spent a whole 2-3 minutes going back through my archives to try to remember what I’ve said about it in the past month, and I’ve got exactly two posts about it. Well, technically, one post about the issue itself, and then another one about how Donald Trump is a silly goose who is annoying. The only thing that really bugs me about the whole thing is the attempt to link Birthers to Truthers, which is just another “shut up” tactic. But I really could’ve gone my whole life without thinking about Obama’s stupid birth certificate ever again.

Guess that’s not what he wants.

By the way, Chris Matthews is devastated by the release of Obama’s birth certificate. He was convinced Obama was born in a manger in Bethlehem.

P.S. I’m not sure why Politico keeps putting their opinion pieces in their news section, but it’s good to know that no other president in history has been picked on more than Obama.

P.P.S. Poll: Obama’s handling of the economy at an all-time low. “B-b-but… Donald Trump!”