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Bin Laden still dead

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I just like saying it.

Here’s an interesting detail about the whole story, courtesy of our own Neil Munro:

U.S. officials conducted the raid without alerting any Pakistanis.

That’s a shocker, huh? What a coincidence: We didn’t tell Pakistan that we were raiding the f***ing palace er, big ugly house Bin Laden was living in, right in plain sight in an urban area, and now he’s dead. An even bigger surprise? Pakistanis Stunned and Angered at News of Osama’s Death. Good. Even better.

Now the conspiracy theories are starting, since Bin Laden was buried at sea. If the U.S. releases visual evidence of his corpse, the usual conspiracy freaks will say it’s fake. Look out, Truthers and Birthers. It’s time for the Bearders.

Update: Either those SEALs really messed that place up, or Bin Laden wasn’t much of a housekeeper.

Update: Outside the White House last night:

Via Reason.com, which has a roundup of reaction.

Update: Matthew Boyle: Friends and family of the fallen rejoice in Bin Laden death.

Update: On any other day, a princess ascending to her throne would be big news. But enough about Ann Curry.

Update: You might be a liberal if… you spent 8 years mewling about the War on Terror and are now crowing that Obama is unbeatable in 2012.

Update: Musharraf says this was a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty. That does rather seem to be the emerging point.

Update: “You know I’d love to help you, man, but I can’t say a word about Team 6. There is no Team 6.

Update: It just keeps getting better. “Muslim clerics said that the burial of bin Laden at sea was a violation of Islamic law.”

Update: Liberal media bias? What liberal media bias?

Update: Just so we’re clear: Dampening a terrorist’s forehead is bad. Putting a bullet hole in it is good. Keeping a terrorist awake for days at a time is bad. Making him sleep forever is good. Glad we got that straightened out.

Update: HOLY CRAP.


Update: Note to the anti-war left: Osama Bin Laden is dead because we waterboarded KSM. Obama is taking credit for a program he stopped. Time to find a new lie to tell yourselves, geniuses.

Update: For some reason I’m reminded of this post from way back on March 27, 2003, when our guys were still looking for Saddam Hussein:

I’ve been pretty mean to Michael Moore lately, but I think he’s finally changed my mind:

“Saddam Hussein is a brutal dictator, and I hope he’s removed as soon as possible. But nonviolently.”

Good idea! First we’ll coax Saddam out of his bunker with a trail of delicious candy. Then, once his belly is full and he’s all sleepy and happy, we’ll calmly explain that we don’t approve of what he’s been doing and it’s not very nice and we wish he’d stop. And he’ll be like, “Whoa, I never thought of it that way. You guys are my friends! I like you!” And then everybody will hug and cry, and then get a little embarrassed about crying, and then make some jokes to cover up being embarrassed. And then a beautiful rainbow will appear, and a shy unicorn will walk down it, and Saddam will ride the unicorn to the North Pole, and he’ll spend the rest of his life helping Santa make wonderful toys for all the good little girls and boys, and there’ll be hot chocolate, and, and, and, and nobody will ever ever die again for any reason ever. THE END

Update: It’s now confirmed that Bin Laden was the one who used a woman as a human shield. She was one of his wives. His last victim. If you’re not glad this bastard is dead, I don’t have the words to describe you.

Update: As Mark Hemingway at the Washington Examiner points out, the SEAL team that killed Bin Laden has in the past been described as “Cheney’s assassination squad.” That tiny little POP you just heard was David Letterman’s brain imploding.

Update: ABC News: “U.S. officials said Bin Laden and the other men used the three women in the compound as human shields, and the woman who died was shielding Bin Laden.” Those big brave soldiers of Allah, right? They died as they lived: cowards.

Update: Greg Gutfeld says, “Here’s the thing about secret prisons and the covert stuff that goes on inside them: you can condemn them all you want, until you need them. Fact is, unilateral secret action works.”

Update: “I won’t martyr Osama bin Laden.” Can you guess who said it? Have you been paying attention for the last three years?

Update: Guess who’s a complete hypocrite? Keith Olbermann is a complete hypocrite.

Update: Osama bin Laden raid yields trove of computer data.