Obama to get a bump from OBL killing, but not undefeatable in 2012 says Brit Hume

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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There’s a tendency with the media to sometimes make grand proclamations about politics based on certain events and last night’s killing of Osama bin Laden is a perfect example.

However, on Monday’s “Special Report,” Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume advised certain political watchers and politicians not to make such announcements in the wake of this news as it pertains to the war on terror.

“The nearly flawless execution of the raid on the bin Laden compound should not obscure the risks our forces took in attempting it, nor the risks the president took in ordering it. Mr. Obama’s decision to use Navy seal commandos instead of bombs made the attack more surgical and assured bin Laden’s identity could be confirmed,” Hume said.

“But success is never certain and failure would have been a spectacular embarrassment that further enhanced the mythic image of bin Laden, and emboldened his adherents all over the world. Yet the very success of the mission carries risks as well. It will certainly add to pressure from the president’s left to get out of Afghanistan sooner rather than later. Liberal commentator Peter Beinart this morning declared that the war on terror over. Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin, who can’t get the conflict turned over to Afghans fast enough, was so excited by the news of bin Laden’s death that he joined the college-age celebrants outside the White House last night. Secretary of State Clinton tried her best today to portray Pakistan as an ally and partner, but bin Laden’s conspicuously luxurious digs in the suburbs of Islamabad has certainly put that idea in doubt. New Jersey Democratic Sen. Lautenberg wants aid to Pakistan suspended. The administration may need to resist such pressures, but the demise of bin Laden will make that harder.”

As for Obama’s 2012 prospects, some think that with the success of the bin Laden operation the president has all but sewn up his reelection. However, Hume explained that wasn’t a wise prediction and cited George H.W. Bush’s 1992 failed reelection bid, despite having had successes in a war waged against Iraq.

“I think he will get a considerable bump out of this in the polls,” Hume said.

“It may last awhile, but my guess is it will not be permanent. Remember how high President Bush 41 rode in the polls after the Gulf War, which was a bigger, longer, protracted deal than this was. This is terribly important, make no mistake about it. He looked unbeatable. It scared all the Democrats out of running against him, except for Bill Clinton. And by Election Day the next year, with the economy and all the other things that people experienced with the economy every day in their lives dragged him down and he lost convincingly. The president is not in trouble with the public because he didn’t pursue bin Laden heartedly enough. It’s because of the economy, because of the appearance of inflation, because of the deficit and debt and all these other things. He will need to have improving, improvements and successes in that area to assure a reelection.”