Singer and marijuana advocate Willie Nelson walks back Gary Johnson endorsement

Amanda Carey Contributor
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On Tuesday, word was legendary music star Willie Nelson had endorsed former New Mexico Governor and presidential candidate Gary Johnson. But by Thursday, things had changed.

According to a blog post on the TeaPot Party’s website — a group Nelson co-founded — the singer had second thoughts about Johnson once the news hit the air waves and wider web.

“My position is [it’s] too early for me to endorse anyone,” wrote Nelson in an email to fellow TeaPot Party member Steve Bloom. “And I think every one should vote their own conscience.”

According to Bloom’s account, when Nelson was reminded that he had approved the endorsement of Johnson, Nelson wrote back saying, “I know I said that. But I think I will wait and see where he stands on other things. My bad. Sorry.”

“I still think he is a good guy but so is Dennis and if he decided to run I would personally vote for him,” Nelson added, referring to Democrat Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich. “If it came down to either him or Gary I’m already committed to Dennis. They both have said they support legal pot.”

Gary Johnson has made drug decriminalization a pillar of his campaign for president. He and Nelson, who has been arrested for drug offenses on numerous occasions, seemed like a perfect match.

Nelson has been a long-time Democrat, however. In 2008, he supported Rep. Kucinich’s bid for the presidency.

Johnson camp responds:  “We of course respect and appreciate whatever level of support Willie Nelson and the TeaPot Party offer.  What’s important is that Gary Johnson and Willie Nelson share a strong desire to give voice to millions of Americans who are demanding sensible drug laws and policies.  Gary looks forward to working with Mr. Nelson and many others to do just that.”