Ann Coulter explains why she will never use the ‘n-word’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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As an outspoken commentator, Ann Coulter has received her share of criticism for using language deemed off-limits by the political correctness police. In 2007, she took heat for using the word “faggot” when talking about then-Democratic presidential candidate, former Sen. John Edwards.

However, on Thursday night’s broadcast of Fox Business Network’s “Stossel,” Coulter, author of the forthcoming book, “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America,” was asked by host John Stossel if there were any boundaries she wouldn’t cross in a special about free speech – specifically if she would use the racially charged epithet the “n-word.”

“No and I’m glad you mentioned that,” she replied. “I mean, there are some things that are just vulgar curse words. I wouldn’t use the ‘c-word’ either. I do think blacks have a special history in this country.”

Stossel suggested the “n-word” is needlessly hurtful, and Coulter agreed.

“Particularly in that case,” she said. “I do not think you can throw Muslims, gays, illegal immigrants, women in with the civil rights history of blacks. That is a special history and the other thing is — that’s part of what makes the ‘n-word’ special.  I wouldn’t — at least in public, use the ‘f-word’ either. There are a few words I’m not going to use, but you know — the vulgarities.”