Should Google censor climate change skeptics?

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor

Should or could Google begin to censor viewpoints which are skeptical of climate change from searches?

… A writer at the Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media seems to think it’s worth considering. Here is an excerpt:

A recent Yale Forum analysis indicates that misleading websites constitute more than 10 percent of high-ranking results for climate-related searches. Some of those sites make wildly inaccurate claims about cosmic rays and the benign nature of carbon dioxide. One top-ranked religious site explains that warming might return Earth to the conditions present in the Garden of Eden.

As notes, the Yale Forum goes on to add that:

Meanwhile, can search engines do a better job of pointing the public toward credible sites?

A Google spokeswoman, who insisted on anonymity because she is not a Google executive, said the company is always looking for ways to improve results. “Last year, we made 500 changes to the algorithm to improve search quality,” she said.