Dems Fail to Keep Fear Alive

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Dems out-stunt themselves: Was it a good idea for Democrats to kill off the Ryan plan by forcing a vote in the Senate? Once it’s clear the plan isn’t going anywhere, it’s not so scary anymore.  Dems needed to keep the monster alive, no? … For example, Republicans have opposed abortion for years but this isn’t necessarily a disqualifying position for them with the pro-choice majority because everyone knows the Supreme Court will block any plans to actually implement the full GOP position. Similarly, swing-voting seniors can now go ahead and elect Republican Congressmen because it’s clear the Senate will almost certainly protect them from the Ryan plan the GOP House members have endorsed. … I’m not saying the Dems have lost the Medicare weapon. But the Senate vote has decreased the issue’s power–when it was supposed to do the opposite. It seems like a classic misguided consultants’ play for short-term media advantage.  But, hey, they won the news cycle!  …

Mickey Kaus