ATMs a threat to jobs, really? [VIDEO]

Alexa Williams Contributor
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In an interview on the Today Show with Ann Curry on Tuesday, President Barack Obama made the claim that efficiency in the workforce has led to fewer jobs.

“You see it when you go to a bank and use an ATM – you don’t go to a bank teller,” Obama said.

The conservative group Media Research Center posted a video Friday parodying Obama’s remarks. Two guys went around Old Town Alexandria, Va., asking random people about the need for ATMs.

“We thought we’d do our part to help the U.S. economy and get people to sign petitions to ban job killing ATM machines,” says one of the two guys in the online three minute movie.

While some technological advances have cost jobs, the worth of those jobs is disputed by videos like this.

A few give their suggestions about other ways that jobs could be created. “They should get rid of the self checkout at grocery stores [too],” said one lady who opted to sign the petition.

Others felt differently: “Do you know how stupid that sounds?”


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Alexa Williams