Peter Falk, RIP

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Peter Falk, RIP: 1) Peter Falk starred in the best TV show I’ve ever seen, Trials of O’Brien. He played a seedy lawyer trying to get back with his ex-wife. It was up against The Defenders, a self-righteous morality play. It didn’t stand a chance. I think there were maybe eight episodes? [Update: There were 22.  My brother says it didn’t compete with The Defenders but was a failed replacement]  2) Falk also played a major real life role in the true tale of duelling tabloid reporters chronicled in Jay Gourley’s Washington Monthly story, “I Killed Gig Young.” If they still made Walter Matthau movies it would be a great one. 3) Falk used to hang around the park near my house sometimes. Once he joined our basketball game. I think he was actually wearing a raincoat. People said, “Pass it to Columbo.” He was a terrible player. …

Mickey Kaus