TheDC Interview: David Brooks on his role at the New York Times, his background and and his relationship with Obama

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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In the first segment of The Daily Caller’s extensive interview with David Brooks, the conservative New York Times columnist discussed his inflammatory column published Monday that enraged many on the right, among other topics.

In the following segments, Brooks explains to TheDC’s Senior Editor Jamie Weinstein his brand of conservatism, his role at the New York Times, his relationship with President Obama and his relationship with now departed conservative icons Bill Buckley and Milton Friedman.

Check back for the final part of the David Brooks interview this weekend, in which Brooks shares his thoughts on Joe Biden, Chris Christie, Ann Coulter, and Charlie Sheen, among other figures.

On National Greatness conservatism and his role at the New York Times: Speaking on having columnists more conservative than him and Ross Douthat on the New York Times op-ed pages: “I would like to see somebody more right-wing than us, you know, just to represent the point of view of the party.”

On his “bromance” with President Obama and the 2012 presidential race: “Well, we never say who we are going to vote for, but if Michele Bachmann is the Republican nominee that would be an extremely tough choice for me. I have trouble seeing myself voting for Michele Bachmann.”

On his mentor Bill Buckley, his encounters with Milton Friedman and his shift to conservatism: “[Milton Friedman] was probably the best debater I’ve ever seen…he could crush pretty much everybody.”

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