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TheDC Morning: CNN launches full-scale assault on Rupert Murdoch’s ankles

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1.) Will the GOP call Obama’s bluff? — That’s the big question on the debt-ceiling debate, now that he’s shown everybody what a tough guy he is. As Hot Air’s Allahpundit asks: “If default would be a catastrophe, why is Obama opposed to a short-term deal that would avert it? … To put it another way, is there any policy reason why Obama won’t agree to a short-term deal, or is this really as horribly cynical as it looks — that he simply refuses to do anything that might complicate his reelection campaign, even if that means a default by the United States?” As usual, Obama’s plan depends on his supporters being ignorant dupes. So far they’ve come through for him, but that might be changing. TheDC’s Neil Munro reports: “President Barack Obama needs a successful end to the debt-ceiling debate more than Republican legislators need a win because of the sour economy, political analysts and advocates say. ‘The aspirational goal that Obama set for himself — the grand bargain that would have come closest to fulfilling the upside potential [of a reinvigorated economy] — was never a serious possibility in the current climate,’ said Bill Galston, President Bill Clinton’s chief domestic policy adviser. ‘Without an economy-boosting grand bargain,’ he said, ‘the president has to hope that the factors which have slowed economic growth during the first quarter turn out to be transient.’ ‘He has the most to lose in this debate,’ because swing-voting independents already fault him for not improving the economy, said Luke Frans, executive director of Resurgent Republic, a GOP-affiliated polling group. Those voters, he said, are ‘skeptical, and on the brink of being negative.'” Yeah, b-b-but… Republicans are mean. And bad! They want you to find your grandma dead on the kitchen floor clutching a licked-clean can of Alpo. They are demons from Hell. Shut up. Shut up!

2.) Boehner already made plans for this weekend, Barry — TheDC’s Amanda Carey reports: “President Obama, it was reported Thursday morning, is considering whisking Congressional leaders away this weekend for a summit at Camp David in order to continue talks on raising the debt ceiling. The idea surfaced the morning after Obama walked out of Wednesday’s meeting at the White House, which was described as the ‘most tense’ of the series of talks. But Speaker of the House John Boehmer dismissed outright the idea of going to Camp David. ‘The Speaker has told the White House he sees no need to go to Camp David this weekend,’ said Boehner spokesperson Michael Steel in a statement.” Are you calling his bluff, Speaker Boehner? You’d better not do that. He told you not to do that. He’s serious as a heart attack, my friend. Hey, where are you going? Get back here!

3.) United States Naval depravity — Are you in the Navy? Thinking about sexually assaulting someone this weekend? Well then, TheDC’s Caroline May has some important news: “A poster about sexual assault displayed on the U.S. Navy’s Facebook page is causing quite a stir. Titled ‘Sexual Assault Prevention Tips,’ the poster advises readers not to assault anyone. ‘When you see somebody walking by themselves, leave them alone!’ it reads. ‘If you pull over to help someone with car problems, remember not to assault them!’ The poster doesn’t stop there. ‘USE THE BUDDY SYSTEM! If you are not able to stop yourself from assaulting people, ask a friend to stay with you while you are in public,’ the poster continues. ‘Don’t forget, you can’t have sex with somebody unless they are awake!’ … Reactions to the poster’s 10 tips were harsh, with many seeming to believe it was a joke. The Navy says it was not… ‘Navy fans, we’re appreciative of the interest on a topic that doesn’t get enough serious scrutiny. A few things we’d offer: 1) This is not a Navy-generated poster, but we extended it to get your attention; 2) As sad as it is, you’d be surprised how many people need to be told these seemingly basic things; 3) It’s everyone’s responsibility to stop sexual assault. Let’s get to it.'” You probably thought it was the Navy’s responsibility to defend the United States, didn’t you? Well, that too.

4.) CNN launches full-scale assault on Rupert Murdoch’s ankles — Look out, Rupert! TheDC’s Vince Coglianese reports: “No one is enjoying the British scandal involving Rupert Murdoch’s media empire more than his American competitors. Governments on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are opening investigations into Murdoch’s media properties over accusations of cell phone hacking. CNN, which competes against Murdoch’s Fox News Channel, took a few minutes Thursday afternoon to focus on what the network sees as a budding boycott movement against the global media titan. ‘If you search the web right now for the terms ‘boycott Murdoch,’ you’ll find a bunch of social media sites dedicated to just that — boycotting media mogul Rupert Murdoch,’ host Randi Kaye said today on ‘CNN Newsroom…’ ‘So let’s take a look at the online ‘Boycott Murdoch’ movement,’ she continued, as a screenshot of a ‘Boycott Murdoch’ Twitter account splashed across the screen. The avatar image showed a grimacing Rupert Murdoch with a red ‘X’ over his face… A full 40 minutes after the segment aired, the ‘Boycott Murdoch’ Twitter account had gained 10 devoted followers, bringing its total reach to 873.” Wow. This could be the biggest CNN-fueled protest movement since the Coffee Party.

5.) Mila Kunis still ballin’ — Good news, people who do not hate America: Mila Kunis IS going on a date with that Marine who asked her out on YouTube after all. TheDC’s Liz Sauchelli: “Reports indicating that Mila Kunis may not escort Marine Sgt. Scott Moore to his Marine Corps Ball in November are false. According to FOX411.com, Kunis’s representative told reporters that the actress does plan to follow through on her agreement to attend. Earlier reports had Kunis accepting Moore’s invitation without checking her schedule or knowing the date of the ball… Reportedly, Kunis’s camp is trying to organize her schedule so that she can attend.” Does this mean he has to go see her new movie? Maybe he didn’t think this one through…

6.) Today’s words of wisdom from Alec Baldwin’s Twitter feed — “My daughter just tweeted that I am twitter whore. This social media is rough.” [What a rude little… Well. You know. — ed.]

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