George Lopez: I’ll move to Canada if Palin becomes president

Laura Donovan Contributor
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“The Smurfs” star George Lopez is threatening to flee the country should former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin win the presidential election.

In a recent interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, Lopez said he would retreat to Canada if Palin takes over the Oval Office. (Bristol Palin on her family: ‘I think we have some of the thickest skin’)

“If Sarah Palin becomes president at any point, I would say ‘allegedly,’ I will move to Canada,” Lopez told the British talk show host. “I will go further north. I’ve been south but I will go further north. I will leave the United States of America.”

When Morgan asked Lopez to expand on this “drastic” decision, the “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2” actor explained that he wants people in power to be politically experienced.

“I like my politicians to actually have a political background, to know politics,” Lopez said of the former vice presidential candidate and governor.

Lopez was at a loss when asked about Palin’s appeal.

“Is it that maverickness? Is it that homespun kind of Andy Griffith, wink-your-eye, shake-the-imaginary-gun thing. Maybe?” Lopez said. “Is it just that we’ve become a culture of personality? Do we elect somebody by their smile? Instead of by their content? It’s a little bit of all of that.”

Earlier this summer, Palin launched a “One Nation” bus tour, fueling speculation that she’ll seek the presidency in 2012.

Lopez’s newest project, “The Smurfs,” hits theaters Friday.

WATCH: Lopez on Piers Morgan