Limbaugh praises GOP resilience despite ‘Krauthammer Review Online,’ ‘The Kristol Standard’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Republican House Speaker John Boehner is being hit from all sides insisting on a compromise, from Tea Party Republicans who want to cut spending to Senate Democrats desperate to avoid default. Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, however, isn’t calling for compromise.

On his Friday radio program, Limbaugh shared speculation that behind the scenes, congressional leaders and President Obama are negotiating a deal unknown to many members of the Republican caucus.

Limbaugh also said it was notable that some House Republicans have been able to stall this long — even with pressure from media conservatives pushing for a deal, including National Review contributor Charles Krauthammer and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol.

“So I wonder: If this is true, I wonder how Republicans in the House feel if they might think that they’re not being told fully what’s going on?” Limbaugh said. “Well — the vote has been delayed twice.”

“I think largely that’s because of people in this audience and elsewhere letting it be known this is unacceptable, that they don’t care what the big names at ‘Krauthammer Review Online’ and ‘The Kristol Standard’ believe,” he said.

Limbaugh also took aim at The Wall Street Journal for what he sees as a condescending description of some of its subscribers in a Thursday editorial.

“The Wall Street Journal called its subscribers ‘hobbits’ yesterday,” Limbaugh said. “The Wall Street Journal — the people that subscribe to that are conservatives. In an editorial, they’re calling you ‘hobbits,’ the subscribers? They just want a deal, that magic word ‘compromise.’ That’s the magic word.”