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Obama’s listening tour: He tours, you listen

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Joe the Plumber 2? Check out Obama trying to deal with the common rabble who disagree with him:

Hey, if you don’t want people calling you terrorists, why do you keep saying things Obama doesn’t want you to say? Don’t you know he’s got it tougher than Abraham Lincoln?

Hell, name any president you want, none of them were as put-upon as Obama. None of them had to deal with so much crap. George Washington? I cannot tell a lie, he had it easy. FDR? He might not have been able to take a walk in the park, but his presidency was one. Bush? Get real, he said “Shut up or I’ll throw you in Gitmo” and the media said “Sir yes sir!”

Obama’s petulance and self-pity are hard-earned, and if you don’t think so you’re a stupid stinky terrorist. Terrorist.