Emergency Committee for Israel to run ads against ‘hate’ at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests

Caroline May | Reporter

Concerned by demonstrations of anti-Semitism at the Occupy Wall Street protests, The Emergency Committee for Israel, a conservative-leaning Israel advocacy organization, will soon begin running television advertisements in New York and Washington, D.C. urging Democrats to stop praising the movement.

“Why are our leaders turning a blind eye to anti-Semitic, anti-Israel attacks?” the ad asks after showing footage of President Obama, Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders praising the movement, followed by 30 seconds of anti-Semitic images and footage from the protests.

“Tell President Obama and Leader Pelosi to stand up to the mob,” the ad instructs viewers. “Hate is not an American value.”


Noah Pollak, ECI executive director, told The Daily Caller that the ad buy is substantial and will run on cable news, including channels like Bloomberg, CNBC, MSNBC and Fox News.

“Democrats should not need to be reminded that the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel aspects of OWS are unacceptable — especially since they were so aggressive in trying to paint the Tea Party movement as racist,” Pollak said. (RELATED: Protesters on Zuccotti Park clean-up: ‘This is an occupation, not a permitted picnic)

ECI chairman William Kristol added in a statement that he has been surprised by the fact that Democratic leaders have ignored the vitriol and instead voiced praise for the movement.

“It’s not surprising that elements of the modern left are anti-Semitic,” said ECI chairman William Kristol. “It is surprising that respectable liberals have praised the protesters while ignoring the anti-Semitism. Liberals have pretended to see nothing hateful and hear nothing hateful, and therefore have said nothing to rebuke their allies. Will they now speak up?”

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