National Organization for Marriage urges Herman Cain to sign pledge

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Add the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) to the growing list of socially conservative organizations pressuring Herman Cain to clarify his support for their issue by signing a pledge.

In a blog post today, NOM’s president praised Cain, saying his “position on marriage is moving in the right direction.” But he also noted that Cain’s “piecemeal and evolving positions on marriage do not serve his campaign well.”

Groups like NOM believe that campaign rhetoric is important, but that “actions speak louder than words.” Their theory is that getting candidates to go on the record by signing a pledge might lessen the likelihood that, once elected, candidates will backslide on their issue.

According to NOM’s website, their pledge includes promises to:

1) Support a constitutional amendment to protect marriage
2) Nominate judges committed to judicial restraint and the original meaning of the Constitution.
3) Defend the Defense of Marriage Act vigorously in court.
4) Establish a commission to investigate harassment targeted at marriage supporters.
5) Advance legislation restoring the right of DC voters to vote on marriage.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, Gov. Rick Perry, Gov. Mitt Romney, and Sen. Rick Santorum have signed NOM’s pledge.

Last week, the Susan B. Anthony list also attempted to pressure Cain to sign their sign their Pro-Life Presidential Leadership Pledge in order to “clarify his position” on the life issue.

Matt K. Lewis